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Paintball News

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Watch the Paintball Show Here!

The Paintball Show is a new television show for paintballers everywhere. The Paintball Show covers all aspects of paintball from woodsball and scenario to tournament. It features product reviews, event reports and guest interviews. The show is broadcast via BSkyB and Freesat to 32 countries...

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Update: Houston Heat to Play NPPL Vegas

[caption id="attachment_7793" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo: Helen E. Grose"][/caption]UPDATE: (7:28 PM EST 9/25/12) We've just gotten word that Heat has picked up Los Angeles Ironmen's Tokahe Hamil (#17, Front; 56 PBA rank) and Indianapolis Mutiny's Tommy O'Donnell to play in Las Vegas. BREAKING NEWS: Social Paintball's Israel...

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Facefull magazine

Facefull Magazine on Hiatus

BREAKING NEWS: Facefull Magazine has officially announced that they have ceased operation for the forseeable future. Within the statement, Facefull magazine states that: "In 2010, the magazine was forced to re-evaluate its business model, merging both Jungle and Facefull into a slimmer publication and cutting...

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