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Social Paintball would like to take a few moments and reflect on the incredible work, and life of Matt Dawson, of the famed MattDPhoto. Dawson was a pioneer in the paintball media who shot for nearly every paintball magazine, and company in exsitence, went on to create his own paintball magazine, FeatureThisPB, and shot for top flight sporting brands such as Oakley, Nike, ESS, and 5.11 Tactical. Below is a statement from Justin Mason of, followed by a statement by Amy Dawson which was posted on

It is with heavy heart that we share the passing of our dear friend and compatriot Matt Dawson. Matt D was a hero to many and a legend to all. Matt Dawson humanized the game of paintball and shed new light on the sport we all love. Rather than take the easy money and make big brands bigger, Matt re-focused the spotlight on the players. Matt made you a brand of your own.


No stranger to hardship, Matt D bled, sweat, and fought through the constant roller coaster that professional paintball presented. Through hard work and dedication he rose through the ranks and ultimately upped the proverbial ante in the industry.


Matt D was one of the founding members of ProPaintball and helped both realize and set our vision. When the industry crashed, and PGi moved on, Matt didn’t shy away. Instead, he doubled down.


In addition to lending his creative talent and energy to ProPaintball, he launched a magazine of his own. His mag, FeatureThis, went on to feature the best of the best. FeatureThis kept the spotlight on those who continued to struggle week after week in order to be the best of the best in professional paintball.


Matt Dawson, you were a true friend and one of the crew. This PBR tall can and sack of BBQ seeds are for you brother. Matt D, we salute you.

Below is a statement by Amy Dawson.

My Family and I are so blessed to see the outpouring of Love for Matthew. It is through God’s promises and faithfulness that we are getting through this tough time. All of your stories, and well wishes bring to light the joys of Matthew’s life. We can not let the darkness cast a shadow on the light he shed on all of us. He is a wonderful, amazing, caring, funny, protective brother and son. We ask for your continued prayers for comfort. The Lord has given me confidence that he loves all of us and I have the Lord’s confidence that he knows he is loved by many. No question about it. He is in Heaven with the Father and is at peace. He is at peace.

We will have an open service and hope to fill that church until it is busting out of its seams. Details to follow. Thank you all again. You are now a part of our journey and a part of our hearts.

We strongly urge you to view more of Matt Dawson’s legendary work at