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Social Paintball Loyalty Sponsorship Program & Team Packages – For the player.™

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Don’t just buy a jersey, join a family! Looking to get equipped in custom paintball gear? We’ve put together money-saving paintball team packages that will get you looking good while reducing the strain on your wallet. These packages are NOT paintball sponsorships but group discounts that we extend to teams for buying in bulk. We’ll never deceive you with make-believe paintball sponsorship jargon. We promise to always be upfront with you and never mislead you.

Social Paintball Grit Loyalty Team Packages

Here are a few of the advantages of joining the Social Family:

  • Teams are eligible to receive additional exposure via our site, videos, and social networks
  • All packages are eligible for discounts via our various partners, such as gear and paint
  • All packages include extended photo and video coverage for events in which we have media personnel on-hand
  • One-on-one dedicated custom service representative assigned to your team

Join the Social Paintball family by filling out the application below. A representative will be in touch shortly.