About Social Paintball

Social Paintball is the preeminent independent paintball news, videos, analysis and information resource with up to the minute news, the latest videos, and industry interviews; we have it all. What first started out as a free paintball social networking community that allowed you to watch, upload, and share paintball videos, photos, podcasts, and blogs, has now turned into the largest paintball news organization online.

Why?: With the popularity of news, social media, and video services on the web growing, we noticed that their wasn’t any one paintball news network that was delivering consistent news and information to the paintball world.

Enter Social Paintball: We launched with the aim of becoming the premiere paintball news, video, photo, podcasting, and blogging community to help spread paintball.

Intent on becoming THE premiere paintball news network, our service is 100% free and always will be. Anyone can read, watch the videos, check photos, listen to podcasts. Via our social networking sub-site, users can upload paintball videos, photos, and podcasts into several categories, create groups, post blogs, customize profiles, send messages and invite other members. This free service also lets members embed the videos, photos, and podcasts on their own websites and online profiles, saving them untold amounts of server resources and bandwidth costs.

Let’s share the paintball love!