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The Tontons will not compete in the final event of the PSP series, the 2013 PSP World Cup. Below is an official statement by team captain, Fabrice Colombo, made on the Tontons Facebook Fan Page. Their reason given is a lack of funds due to sponsors not fulfilling their financial commitments to the team. The Tontons have also vowed to never play in the PSP again until they receive an apology from “PSP-SMP board members/partners” that were, according to the Tontons, spreading lies.

Official Statement by the Tontons

In order to avoid any confusion, Tonton will not compete the Orlando World Cup for financial reason*.

The team is very disappointed .We have put a lot of efforts and money this year to play the PSP and we feel frustrated.

I heard Matt Marshall to speak about a possible redemption by competing in Orlando but we just did in Paris Chantilly by finishing 2nd of the event and winning the Millennium series in CPL front of teams like Art Chaos, Edmonton Impact, Houston Heat, Los Angeles Infamous, London Nexus, Polars Bears, Frankfurt Syndicate..

On the top of that we are EPBF European Champions for a 2nd time in a row and accessory French Champions as well.

Regarding the PSP sanction after the riverside incident, we took note of it but we can not accept it.

We believe we have been strongly already penalized at the event by not been able to play the Challenger final. We lost money and our spot in the pro category. We will not argue about it. We are entire responsible and we have not been professional enough and we have no excuses.

But we can not accept that the PSP is considering that “one or more members of the team willfully took the field with intention of playing the game while knowing their markers were in excess of allowable speed limits” especially the one which shoot at 352 fps.

By being myself with the tech guys and PSP officials, they admit the gun had an oring problem in the regulator Hyper 3.
PSP knew we had stock gun and no intention to cheat.

So we believe the sanction of unsportsmanlike behavior is disproportionate and we still dot not know why they took that sanction.

Furthermore, we are surprised by some post of important PSP-SMP board members/partners which wrote on forums some “bizarre” comments like :
“There was nothing wrong with any oring. I know because I was there and personally held the equipment, including the regulator assembly, and personally talked to the tech.”

“But I think the Tontons player entered the field knowing they were shooting hot because I spoke with the Tontons player and who said they entered the field knowing they were shooting hot.”

This lies generate for sure one important things .

Until these people apologizes for their lies, tontons will not compete in the PSP

Anyway, we had an incredible successful year and I take the opportunity to thanks all the players: Loic, Axel, Frank, Sebban, Karl, sushi, Seb and Pascal The coach. They are incredible players. The best guys I had the pleasure to play with the best possible spirit.

I also would like to thanks ours sponsors: DYE, Projet K, Supairball, Virtue, Safer and Xpaint

Fabrice Colombo alias Tavarez

*some sponsors did not fulfill their engagement and we are running out of cash

What does this mean for the schedule? There are eight remaining teams in the Challengers Division (Texas Storm did not pay their registration fee, it is assumed they are not playing the event). Will a new team step up to fill their spot or will the PSP just make it work with the remaining teams?