chad george houston heat paintball

Possibly the most high profile position on the paintball field, the snake is where all the cool kids want to be. They get the coolest pictures, get to fly through the air (for cool pictures), get all the glory and often are the linchpin of any good game plan. While having a good snake player won’t guarantee you a win, having a bad one can almost certainly mean death. Here is our take on the 5 best snake players in the PSP. Here’s our top 5 back players list.

5. Chad George, Houston Heat

The consummate traditional snake player, Chad George has everything you want in a snake player. A smaller but athletic build, high-end acceleration, a great snap shot and excellent timing. All of these thing have kept him at the top of the game for quite some time, and it seems like George still has more to give. The layouts this season have not favored the traditional snake player, but George has adapted well, grabbing the #22 spot overall, and having a respectable winfluence rating of 11.48.