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Rain Poncho, Clear

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A quick and easy way to protect yourself from the rain, these dependable rain ponchos reliably cover you up when needed! They fold up to conveniently store away and keep a spare in your car, gearbag or backpack when not in use. Equipped with a built-in hood, they are 100% waterproof and one size fits most. Clear poncho with red Social Paintball logo branding on the front.

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1 review for Rain Poncho, Clear

  1. Canden Picard

    I don’t own this product and I know this isn’t a comment section, but can we just appreciate this picture together? This has to be the single ballin-est picture on this website. Look at him “yeah I’m wearing a poncho lookin like Peter stormare in my shades and I still make this plastic bag look like the coolest piece of Social swag in anybodies ready bag! Get some! I’m already in prime butt whoopin stance ready for anything including but not limited to Cirrus, Stratus, Nimbo-Stratus, Cumulus, Nimbus and any other variety of cloud with excess amounts of condensation!”

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