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Welcome to Golden Girls adventures! I would like to thank Social Paintball for the opportunity to blog and share my journeys. A complete thrill to be part of a widely diversified social network! As a writer in The Catshack Reports alongside Tomcat Cunningham we certainly believe in sharing and helping others. My mission is to reach out to new and current paintballers giving them a greater insight to the positives of paintball. By networking together in Social Paintball, I believe it broadens the audience.. You will be able to learn of upcoming events, games, fundraisers and my travels with regards to paintball! Recaps and highlights of events, be sure to check in monthly, as I uncover my next adventure!!

I have been in paintball since 1995, a lot has changed over time. I felt fields as well as the industry needed some help in promoting and networking, so I took it upon myself to give back and help in anyway that I can. I am an advocate for Paintball and promote pushing it forward on a positive path.. I recently started a challenge, a good challenge indeed. Inviting new players “younguns” to attend games that I will be attending and give them a Respecting Paintball T-shirt for coming out to play, a small incentive perhaps, but hey, anything to get them on the field! I feel this is needed, I would like to be a part of mentoring the next generation of paintballers and starting them off on a positive note.. As a writer in The Catshack Reports as well as the “Respecting Paintball Pledge” in addition the creator of “Respecting Paintball Assoc.” I have a responsibility that I have committed to “helping others.” I would like to thank my Sponsors and my Mentors for their support; Team TA.C.T., Xtreme Dreamz Paintball and Predator Predlocs. My close friends and advisers, Mr. Bob Gurnsey and Blue Hanse, I have received some great support and consider their friendship a true privilege!

Bob Gurnsey, Blue Hanse, Tina Ruzzo, and Wayne Dollack share a moment off the field.

2012, a boisterous year is expected! I have started an adventure, a journey one might say, to not only hit the big events but to hit the Florida fields and promote new players to join in! I will be traveling throughout the year stopping by many, if not all, of the fields in my home State. I will be promoting my visits ahead of time to help the fields get some well deserved recognition, also capturing my stay on video to share with others as well. I see positive changes in Paintball for the upcoming year, Industries succeeding, Media excelling, fields opening and new players introduced to this wondrous game we all love! Tomcat and I keep our eyes wide open and our radar on high frequency when it comes to changes and the “what’s happening now” in the community, we get the news to you as quickly as possible. I believe there will be plenty to talk about in 2012, as we stated in our end of the year recap “can it get any better?” We believe YES it can and will! It excites me to make plans for the new year! I must admit I started the New Year off early, this Friday Dec 30th I will be attending paintball under the lights at Paintball World in Orlando, Fl. The very next day, Sat Dec 31st I will be at OCP in Orlando, spraying some paint and having a great time with friends, “what it’s all about!” I have of course put out the challenge of bringing a new “youngun” out to play this weekend and of course he/she will receive a Respecting Paintball T-shirt! Some of the events planned for 2012 are: Jan 21-22 Central Florida Paintball, “CAMELOT” A Jesters Court Production: Feb 4-5 Hurricane Paintball Park, St Valentines Day Massacre, Produced by Duncans Game:

As the months approach I will blog more about upcoming events and the highlights of the games, until then I will see you all in The Catshack Reports, Respecting Paintball and of course, on the Paintball field!! Happy New Year and take the greatest care!

Photo courtesy of Katie Jeffcott