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Play SPL for a chance to have your team featured in the video game.

Tampa, FL: Greg Hastings Paintball 3 (GHP3) and Social Paintball League (SPL) are teaming up to showcase the best of tournament paintball in the Sunshine State. Giving teams and fields that play the league an opportunity to be featured in game. The SPL has set themselves apart from other paintball tournaments by gearing the experience toward the player. The development team at Super X Studios and Greg Hastings will detail the SPL’s real game play format, the teams, field layout, gear and more.

SPL event schedule is now available and registration is open.

  • Sunshine State Open: March 21-22
  • Memorial Cup: May 23-24
  • Fall Classic: September 12-13
  • Social Cup: November 14-15

To register your team for the next SPL, visit:

Greg Hastings Paintball Series is focused on taking paintball into the eSports world. Where gaming IS a sport and thousands enjoy spectating matches of many different game styles. That means there will be a virtual Social Paintball League tournament series running while the real paintball action happens at the SPL events, in the near future. GHP3 is in development for PC, Current Gen & Last Gen consoles. As well as, iOS, Android and set tops. Thanks to the SPL and the participating teams, GHP3 will once again be the most authentic paintball experience in gaming! Stand by for even more exciting details!


Israel Lagares
Phone: 917-727-0161
Greg Hastings: