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The last few days, we’ve been completely consumed with the Olympics. From #sochifails to watching the opening ceremonies, and streaming every event possible, it’s completely taken over. This got us thinking, IF paintball were an Olympic sport, who would make it on to team USA? Here’s who we decided on…


How We Picked:
For this thought experiment, we decided to stick with standard PSP rules which allow 10 players per team. From there, we debated amongst ourselves as to who we thought would best bring home the gold, based on the 2013 performances of each player. You’ll notice that we also placed players in the respective position we’d like to see them, so that Damien Ryan and Jason Edwards play a middle role, while Oliver Lang and Marcello Margott take the doritio side, etc…

Who We Picked:
Dave Baines; #41, Back, Edmonton Impact
Nicholas Slowiak; #24, Back, Houston Heat
Oliver Lang; #2, Front/Mid, San Diego Dynasty
Marcello Margott; #33, Front, Los Angeles Ironmen
Damien Ryan; #69, Mid, Los Angeles Infamous
Jason Edwards; #13, Mid/Back, Tampa Bay Damage
Tim Montressor; #40, Back, Edmonton Impact
Ryan Greenspan; #18, Mid, San Diego Dynasty
Justin Rabackoff; #9, Front, Edmonton Impact
Chad George; #57, Front, Houston Heat

Note- As it is in the Olympics, athletes are rostered by country of origin.

Who would you pick to be on Team USA? Also, We’d love to hear from some different countries!Tell us in the comments who you would want to represent your nation.