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In the most current news, the addition to professional paintball team Tampa Bay Damage is Jason Wheeler. Wheeler, #89 formerly of the Moscow Red Legion, averaged an 11.15 G rating per event, accumulated an average winfluence rating of 5.24 (wins while on the field playing) in the 2013 season and is looking to further advance his career with Damage.

We had a chance to hear two opinions from Tampa Bay Damage; the well known, very popular, “The Edwards Brothers-In-Arms”.

Jason Edwards, #13, says:

“Wheeler is a very driven & versatile player and that’s what Damage is all about. I am excited to see what he can do to help better our family.”

Jacob Edwards, #31, says:

“Jason Wheeler is a great player and has his head screwed on right. I’m stoked to see what he will bring to the family. I’m excited to be back playing with my brothers in my home town.”

In this article we got to hear from heavy gunner, 2012 Peoples Choice MVP, Jason Edwards. As well as younger brother, Jacob Edwards, who has happily moved back to Tampa Bay Damage after his 2013 season with Houston Heat. Everyone here at Social Paintball is very excited to see what Jason Wheeler brings to the Tampa Bay Damage organization.

What do you think?

Photos: APPA