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Earlier this year, we sparked a debate towards the PSP choosing to continue using the standard “Race-To” format as opposed to the previous “Halves” style of play. Currently, in the professional Race-To format, the first team to score 7 points wins; or the team with the most points after 20 minutes, wins. Apart from Tennis and Volleyball, paintball is the only professional sport to date that has a “ceiling” when it comes to scoring points against the opposing teams, limiting the victors to 7 and the losers with the inability to form a heroic comeback in the last minutes of a match. An example of halves would be, 2 periods with 10 minutes of playing time each. The team with the most points at the end of the 2nd period gets the victory.

In our latest video, we asked several pro paintball players what their opinion was on the topic and the answers just might surprise you.

What are your thoughts on the different formats?

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