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The Moscow Red Legion’s 2013 season suffers yet another set back. After fighting to return from their fall to the PSP Challenger’s Division, Moscow has lost what may be their most valuable player for the 2013 PSP World Cup, and possibly the start of the 2014 season. Kirill Prihidni, team captain, told Social Paintball exclusively today that he ruptured his Achilles tendon at the PSP West Coast Open.

“I have torn my Achilles. It is completely disconnected from my heel bone. To make matters worse the doctors did not prescribe me any blood thinners for the flight, so after returning to Moscow I developed two blood clots in my injured leg.” Kirill Prihidni said.

Exclusive photos provided to Social Paintball by Kirill Prihidni:

Achilles injuries have ended the careers of many major sports stars over the decades. An Achilles rupture often requires surgery and a recommended recovery time of up to twelve months for athletes. What will the recovery time be for Prihidni?

“I had a general operation where they put two metallic hooks into my heel bone from which two special wires are connected to my Achilles, pulling it to the heal bone. Right now I can’t stand on my leg for three weeks. After three weeks I will be allowed to put light pressure on the injured leg. After 6 weeks I will be allowed to walk without crouches. In 5 months I will be allowed to start easing back into sports. All that is so strict, because the Achilles must heal naturally by itself. For that it needs much time. So I will not be able to finish the 2013 season,” Kirill Prihidni said in his continued statement to Social Paintball.

Prihidni is Moscow’s most influential team player with a 47.96% winfluence rate for the 2013 season and an overall pro player ranking of sixteen. With the PSP World Cup just six weeks away will Moscow be able to fight through Prihidni’s injury to win a fourth championship? It’s time for a Comeback Player of the Year Award…