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zack wake paintball

Social Paintball has confirmed with Chicago Infamous’ Matt “Happy” Lietzau that snake player Zach Wake, formerly of San Antonio X-Factor, will be playing D1 with the team during the PSP West Coast Open event this coming weekend.

“Travis Lemanski of LA Infamous contacted us with this opportunity to add depth and experience to our roster,” said coach Lietzau. “We, as a team, decided to test the cohesion on and off the field with Zack this weekend. It was clear he was a great fit right off the start.”

Wake is currently ranked 80th overall in PBA stats, but 2nd in Penalty Rating (frequency of penalties received). Known for acquiring penalties, Wake has the potential to be one of the top players at his respective position, but is wickedly inconsistent and has bounced around multiple professional teams over the past two seasons. However, his explosive offensive identity should be a large shot in the arm for Chicago Infamous.

“He offers knowledge of what it takes to win, as well as the intensity to motivate our other players to achieve the goals than what we are striving for,” he said. “We are going work together as a team and look forward to the rest of the season utilizing not only Zack’s knowledge and skill set, but his father, Dan Wake, assisting with coaching and years of experience as well.”

“Yes, I will be playing with D1 Chicago Infamous. I recently became a free agent,” said Wake. “The issue for me has been penalties and I felt that I really needed to not focus on competing at the highest level, but focus on fixing this issue! I want to thank Dave Wilson for giving me an opportunity to play and to help win this upcoming tournament with a great group of talented players in D1 Chicago Infamous!”

Chicago Infamous confirmed via their Facebook page by posting:

“Another great practice at CPX today with Hustle and 810 Empire paint and guns shot great!!!! And a Great pick up in Zack Wake as he rejoins the Infamous family!!! Looking forward to doing work!!!! ‪#‎wincali‬”

How do you think this move will impact Chicago Infamous?

Photo: Eduardo Moll