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PSP Introduces New Pro Field “Fort” Penalty Box (Video)

PSP Introduces New Pro Field “Fort” Penalty Box (Video)

psp fort penalty box

PSP has made a partially controversial change due to take effect tomorrow morning at the Chicago Open event. In place of the old-school style penalty boxes, which allowed people to see through the box; the league has decided to revert to inflated, bunker style penalty boxes for all Professional Division matches (Champions and Challengers). At first glance, it looks like the fort your inner-child always dreamed of, but these new boxes serve a much higher purpose.

Previously, players who received penalties had the ability to see whether anyone was shooting at them before they exited the box to continue play. This was more so an advantage towards opposing players that had a visible lane toward the penalty box, allowing them to easily shoot the player exiting. The new penalty box is built to shield the cheater from seeing what’s going on and block the opposing players vision on what way the player in the penalty box is heading. The new “Fort Box” has two separate exits, which definitely makes for a more exciting game during penalty points.

So far, this new penalty box has received mixed reviews from professional teams and coaches, some of which were not aware of the change. We look forward to seeing how players will adjust to this new addition.

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  • Bryan
    June 21, 2013

    One thing I do not like about it is how un-professional it looks. One thing I have ALWAYS held the PSP up for was how professionally run and how well their fields look. ALWAYS top notch. This …thing… doesn’t even have the PSP logo on it!!! Its obvious it is Sup’Airs inflatable scenario bunkers!!! what the hell!

    My complaints :
    – Spectators (Or the commentators for that matter) can not see who is in the box! So if there is confusion on the penalties (like there is ever so often in this sport) you will not find resolution in seeing who they put in the box. How often have we heard Matty say “who is that in the box…oh its (Bob Joe)”
    -Woodsball bunkers on the pro field. Dirty
    – NO branding. even the trusty PVC and netting box…always had that lovely PSP Race2 banner on it!

    one good thing I like about this is that it adds a new element of surprise to leaving the box…he could go either way…ALSO opposing teams must watch the clock much more closely..you will no longer get hints by seeing the player in the box position his body into a ready stance.

    If they clean the image of the box up…and maybe on the sides of the box make it transparent so spectators can see in?

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