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Surprising news just came in over the wire from the NPPL. The league has decided to refocus itself by licensing out the operation of their events to a new company named Paintball Promotions, Inc. This new company has decided to change the remaining 2013 NPPL schedule. Below is the official press release from the NPPL. We will have more as this develops.

THE NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL PAINTBALL LEAGUE’S Surf City USA Open came to Huntington Beach for the 11th year in a row and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. 115 teams, 30 vendors and over 50,000 spectators enjoyed the perfect Southern California weather for the industries number #1 event.

“The City of Huntington Beach called me right after the event ended for congratulations and wanting to lock in the event for the next few years. I want to thank all our players and staff for making the HB event fantastic.” Chuck Hendsch, NPPL

On the heals of the successful HB event the NPPL has decided to evolve and refocus its energy on growing the sport of paintball by serving as the true Governing Body for the sport. The NPPL will move away from running their own events and instead sanction other promoters to run and operate the events.

“My passion has always been to grow the NPPL brand and the sport of paintball. By passing on the operation of the events to a different event company it allows me to concentrate on the true mission of the NPPL.” Says Hendsch.

The NPPL has signed an exclusive licensing contract with Paintball Promotions Inc to operate and run the National NPPL events. PB Promotions will begin immediately getting ready for the remaining 2013 events. Teams and sponsors should see a seamless transition in all departments.

PB Promotions has evaluated the venues and dates for the remaining previously announced events and unfortunately will need to make some adjustments.

The remaining 2013 NPPL schedule is:
June 7-9 Northeast Open OXCC – Chesapeake City, MD
August 9-11 Chicago Open – Paintball Explosion – Chicago, IL
October 4-6 Las Vegas Open – Las Vegas, NV

“When PB Promotions reached out to Valken to tell us about the new plan and direction for the NPPL we were very excited, especially with the decision to bring the next two events to quality paintball fields like OXCC and Explosion. Paintball fields are the lifeblood of our industry and they are two of the best in the country. Valken continues to put our support behind the NPPL events and look forward to three more great events in 2013.” Gino Postorivo President & CEO, Valken Sports.

More information will be coming soon. Keep checking back to or call 714-758-7575 for details and to register for the next event in Chesapeake City.