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Los Angeles Ironmen

2012 Recap: The Los Angeles Ironmen came into the 2012 year with no expectations and definitely turned some heads as they were able to become one of the most consistent teams in the nation. They were lead by veteran back player Mike Paxson but relied on the youthful talent up front, which developed very quickly under the tutelage of, now Tampa Bay Damage coach, Kevin Bredthauer. Highlights of the 2012 season include a 7-0 route of San Antonio X-Factor, and making it to Sunday every event.

Key Players:
Marcello Margott (#33; Front, 2 PBA rank)
Mike Paxson (#55; Back, 5 PBA rank)
Eric Humphreys (#22; Front, 26 PBA rank)

Team Strengths:
Very explosive
Fantastic closer in Mike Paxson
Strong front presence

Team Weaknesses:
New coach
Lack of experience as a team

2013 Outlook: After the 2012 season, the Ironmen organization completely revamped their team, jumping onto the coaching carousel and acquiring former Dynasty head coach Mike Hinman. Under Mike’s leadership, the team has since picked up Marcello Margott, Alex Goldman, and other team members that once made up the legendary Divisional team, San Diego Aftermath. However, the kids that once made up Aftermath are now full grown, mature paintball players who are looking to prove that they, like Dynasty, can get the band back together and become successful.

Why Root for Them?: This team promises to play explosive, in your face paintball which should attract a lot of viewers. However, there are many uncertainties about how they will perform. They’re a youthful start up playing under the storied Ironmen shield, and should prove to be one of the better teams in the league in time.

2013 Practice Video: