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pspeventspaintballlogoIn a sweeping move, the PSP has changed the face of paintball once again. Earlier this offseason the league announced they would be adding several bunkers to the 2013 field, adjusted the size of the field, introduced us to the Champions and Challengers Pro divisions, and finally have stated that they will be adjusting the number of available players on a pro roster to 12.

This move substantially helps teams by allowing them to further develop the next generation of professional paintball players, without having to sacrifice quality depth on their starting line. However, with the new Champions and Challengers division, we feel that the league will inhibit this goal by not restricting roster movement. Nobody wants to see the top 10 in the league get into a bidding war for players, with a select few who have deep pockets (ex. Edmonton Impact, Tampa Bay Damage and Moscow Red Legion) being able to “buy their way to the top.”

There have been rumors that the league is toying with the idea of introducing a “trade deadline” which would lock rosters after a specific date, however that still remains to be seen.