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chicago Infamous

The new year continues to be filled with surprises, in both the professional and amateur division of the PSP. Previous team owner and coach, Mike Hinman has made it public that the once retired professional team, San Diego Aftermath, will indeed be reforming and competing in Division 1 of the PSP during the 2013 season. San Diego Aftermath was once a hyper-aggressive group of young players that had the potential to be one of the best professional teams in the game. Unfortunately, the team collapsed due to internal issues with some of the players and the organization. San Diego Aftermath has bred multiple premier professional players such as Alex Goldman, Marcello Margott, Dalton Vanderbyl, Bobby Aviles, and Zack Wake…just to name a few. Under the helm of Mike Hinman, we can surely expect huge things from the reborn Aftermath squad this year. Hinman has made it clear that he will not be the primary coach due to his duties with the Los Angeles Ironmen and that Aftermath will serve as a feeder team for the Ironmen.

San Diego Aftermath’s Current Roster for the PSP Dallas Open:

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 1.36.36 AM

(Roster is subject to change)

On the Midwest front, Los Angeles Infamous has formed a Division 1 team that will also compete in Division 1 of the PSP during the 2013 season. Chicago Infamous – D1, will serve as a feeder team for Infamous’s professional team. Infamous held tryouts for their newly formed amateur team this past Saturday & Sunday at CPX/O’Hare Paintball Field, which attracted over 25 players, all of which were looking for a spot on the new Chicago Infamous squad. Of the 25+ that attended the tryouts, Infamous decided to roster just over 12 players for the 2013 season. The majority of the players were born and raised in the Midwest area, but a few will travel from as far as Canada and New Mexico to practice and compete with their new found team.

Chicago Infamous’s Current Roster for the PSP Dallas Open:

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 1.54.27 AM

(Roster is subject to change)

One thing is for sure, this season just got a bit more exciting for the fans of Division 1 paintball. There is plenty of talent gracing this division in the 2013 season and we are looking forward to watching these skilled teams compete to be the best amateur paintball team in the country!