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Russian Legion Paintball TrainingRussian Legion’s Kirill Prihidni has provided me with a training update to share with our loyal readers of Social Paintball. Enough with the intro, here’s the most recent exciting news from RL.

Russian Legion has started its third full week of the training process.  After the first two weeks, where the main emphasis was focused on the physical conditioning of the players, the third week is supposed to make a switch to include more paintball skills.

The players, trainers, and coaches of RL have been trudging through the bitter cold winter weather to their snow covered dome.  Thankfully, inside the dome, it is very clean, warm and light. The guys have been very happy to pick up guns in their hands after a little vacation.

Besides all the fun of playing paintball, Legioners also got the chance of trying out the new products from their sponsors, including Virtue’s Spire loaders and Infinity paint from Valken.

There are four more full practice weeks before RL’s flight to the first PSP event and the team is digging really deep to perform well in the new rules format.