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Joliet, IL – CPX Sports and Viper Paintball Announce Command Staff for Living Legends 6.

Steve “Necro” Kaltenbach has been named General for The Horde at Living Legends 6. Necro has been playing for over a decade and in that time has developed an outstanding reputation within the scenario community. He is the founder of SAS Woodsball Club, a worldwide woodsball organization, and recently came on board Social Paintball, the leader in paintball media. Necro victoriously commanded the Reapers at Living Legends 4 under the Duke and more recently commanded the Vandals for the Horde at Living Legends 5. Now, in 2013, he heeds the call to command The Horde at Living Legends 6.

Andre “Wolf” Critchlow has answered the call to lead the New Empire in 2013. Wolf’s paintball career began back in 1996 and in that short time he has become one of the most well known personalities within the sport. Bringing more than good looks and charm to the world of YouTube, Wolf is a hardened commander with many battles under his belt, including West Point, Wasaga Beach, and a victory at Living Legends 4.

XO’ing for Wolf and the New Empire will be “Roughneck” of Cobra Woodsball. LL6 will mark the third time he has brought Cobra Woodsball to Living Legends and he is eager to take on the role of XO. Quick-witted and quick on the trigger, Roughneck and Wolf have the skill and experience to lead the New Empire to victory at Living Legends 6.

Necro’s XO will be Kaz of Visual Reviews fame. Kaz has been playing paintball for over 20 years, running the gambit from tournament to scenario, and will be implementing all that experience as XO. Kaz is a veteran of Living Legends 4 and 5 and is confident his command staff has what it takes to bring a victory home for The Horde at Living Legends 6.

Living Legends has become the must-attend scenario event since it’s inception in 2008. Living Legends 6 will be taking place at CPX Sports May 17-19. To learn more about Living Legends 6, visit and