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Near the end of last week we caught wind of a new NPPL Pro team that will be joining the division during the last event of the year: Phoenix Contact. Below is an official statement from the team captain, Phil Veatch.

Phoenix Contact started as a culmination of Arizona organizations who were individually lacking certain critical components of success, but together, restructured, had what was necessary to see that success. I initially brought the idea of this team up in April in a proposal to Joe Vuica of the AZ Mercenaries organization, Tony Conesa of the Arizona Hellcats Organization, and Zak Smith of the former Phoenix United. All organizations had ceased, but I saw components within each that could be developed into something. Our goals were to create a professional, marketable and sustainable upper division team in the state of Arizona, based as a business rather than an unstructured group. We began reaching out to the most qualified homeless upper division players in the state and began seeking out sponsors. We took over and restructured the Arizona Paintball Players League (AZPPL) and started a new regional 3 man league to offer some local competitive events for those regional players not yet ready or willing to jump to the national level. Ultimately the team and organization has a huge amount of experience within it.

I have been involved with the Nurv, Naughty Dog, Portland Uprising, and Scottsdale Elevation organizations. Zak Smith was a key player throughout the entirety of the Phoenix United run. Mike Condon dates back to the days of Cartel and Bonebrake Factory, Jeff Milam has time spent with Detroit Strange, Ironmen, and Scottsdale Elevation as well. We have also brought on players with immense up and coming talent, who until this point, just had no outlet to get anywhere in the sport. Our path to this point has been unconventional, but not unheard of, as there have been a number of teams in the past jumping to a pro spot as either relatively unknown or completely new organizations. It is no doubt we will see major struggles, but the organization was built on the bases of being a professional organization whether we played pro or not, and it can handle the stress of professional infancy. We look forward to the opportunity to learn from and play against the best teams in the world, while offering a new regional component to the NPPL. Our expectations for ourselves our modest, and ultimately we don’t expect any respect without proving we deserve it. This has been an opportunity presented to us that we intend to make the most of for Arizona, our sponsors, and the NPPL. We could not have made it this far without support from Kee Action Sports, AXE, Z2, Empire, Acid Custom Triggers, Boss Paintball, Modern Woodman of America, Fightertown Paintball, Westworld Paintball, The AZPPL, Mesa Paintball Supply, Censys Designs Lab, Custom Products and KM. We have a tough road ahead, but we are going to do our absolute best to support all of those who support us!

-Phil Veatch

Thanks Phil for the statement! We’ll be in touch with Phoenix Contact soon to grab a full featured length team profile. Good luck with your season! You can find Phoenix Contact on Facebook at

There is also a great interview of team captain, Phil Veatch, by Paul Richards over at VFTD: