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Saturday’s competition was a tasty mix of hot and cold. On the one hand, Dynasty was icy calm, never getting emotional or panicking even when dropping games and finding themselves in a 3 on 3 tiebreaker. On the other hand Vendetta was intemperate and passionate. Eliminated players threw hoppers and it was evident that frustration was brewing when games were not going according to plan. They did not want to lose and let everybody know about it.

Tampa Bay Damage has delivered a dominant performance in the prelims and is the top seed in Group A. XSV reigns in group B and, like at the Chicago Open, has opened up hot and is undefeated through Saturday. Infamous has been steady as well and is looking to repeat their performance from the last event, they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Over all there has been very little controversy to this point and the games have been smooth, running on-time throughout the day on the pro side. The crowd has been subdued, but the real competition will begin tomorrow and hopefully there will be an energetic crowd there to enjoy it.