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A player I personally admire and remember from watching the XSV movie, where you could see a young but eager to become a professional paintball player, is Nicky Cuba. He went from XSV to Ironmen to his current team, Infamous, that seems to have risen above their own status in the professional scene.

Cuba contributes to the paintball scene by being an example on and off the field to all of us. His grit shows us that if you want to get the job done, don’t be afraid to do it yourself with all you got.

No other paintball player has come to embody the lifestyle, the mental toughness, and the resiliency needed to survive the harsh world of professional paintball. Entering the prime of his physical conditioning and skill, Cuba is poised to make his impact felt on the field and in the minds of paintball fans everywhere, well into the next decade.

A true paintball Legend.

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