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In 2009, MILSIG released a marker that exceeded the expectations of MILSIM Paintball fans everywhere. Realistic looking, solidly built,durable, and extremely accurate; this legendary marker was known as the Paradigm.MILSIG raises the bar even higher with the release of the 2012 Paradigm PRO. This completely new version of the Paradigm is lighter, more efficient, more accurate, and even more realistic than the original; a tour de force showcase of MILSIG’s innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Featuring MILSIG’s

 new High Efficiency Air Technology (HEAT) semi-automatic operating system, the new Paradigm PRO is 20% more efficient than the inline blowback model it replaces. Its internal pressure regulator, decreased operating pressure, and innovative spool valve design provides consistent shot to shot performance needed for long distance accuracy.

The new built in Marksman Rifled Barrel has been specially configured toclosely match the fin pattern of the FIRST STRIKE projectile. By increasing rotation on the projectile, both range and accuracy are drastically improved.

The Rail Integrated System (RIS) and receiver body continue to be meticulously CNC machined from billets of aircraft grade aluminum. Steel brackets connect and reinforce all major stress points giving the Paradigm PRO that signature MILSIG real steel feel.Realistic proportions. By removing the gap between the Magazine Well and the Trigger Guard, the Paradigm PRO is more compact and mimics the proportions of a 7.62mm Armalite variant. More compact, less weight. Weight drops from 3.15kg to 2.65kg (over 18% reduction). Length drops from 991mm to 850mm (over 16% reduction)

Quick and easy marker maintenance. The HEAT Core assembly can be accessed from the marker by the removing two retainer pins, thus negating a complete tear down of the marker when cleaning and performing routine maintenance.

The new squared magazine head design allows the user to launch 10 rounds of FIRST STRIKE downrange as fast as he can pull the trigger. The Paradigm PRO also accepts the standard 20 round MILSIG paintball magazine.

Backwards-compatible magazine. Owners of existing 20 round magazines can retrofit them for use with the Paradigm PRO with a magazine head conversion kit, a huge cost benefit for current owners of MILSIG markers.

The new Paradigm PRO is available at an incredible price of $899.99 USD. Package includes:

  • 20 round Squared head Paintball Magazine
  • 10 round Squared head FIRST STRIKE Magazine
  • CNC 6061T6 Aluminum Alloy Receiver Body
  • CNC 6061T6 260mm Aluminum Alloy RIS handguard
  • One piece 400mm Marksman FIRST STRIKE rifled barrel with threaded tip and thread protector
  • Light weight high strength polymer flip-up sights set
  • ERGO grip
  • Sling Mount
  • Hopper Feed Conversion Kit
  • Mini Tool Kit
  • Instructional Manual
  • *13CI HPA Tank and regulator sold separately*