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Dave Bains

Dave Bains, Tampa Bay Damage

Social Paintball’s Israel Lagares has confirmed with Tampa Bay Damage Manager, Joey Blute, that long time veteran David Bains (#41, Back; 19 PBA rank) “hurt his back at practice.” The team is not sure if Bains will be able to play, but he will be in Chicago with the team.

Damage Coach, Paul Richards, recently posted on his blog – (give it a read if you have not) – that Bains may not be playing in the Chicago Open due to what Coach Richards is calling a “severely twisted back.” Richards goes onto saying Bains “…likely will not be able to play the Chicago event though he will be with the team. (To preserve his reputation I won’t tell you how it happened but you can ask him in Chicago.) We practiced on Sunday without Dave so we won’t have to rethink too much fortunately and I’m confident the rest of the team will rally and pick up the slack.”

Stay tuned for more as the story develops.