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My new addition to the Paintball Legends Series has a history with achievements most players can only dream of. Professional paintball player, husband, father. Many would think this is enough, but this man gets it all done…easily.

Mike and Bebe Paxson

Mike and Bebe Paxson

With over 16 years of paintball playing experience, he has a great insight and knowledge that he shares with other teams and players. As a paintball school instructor and team coach, he teaches players at his several clinics throughout the year.

One of these teams is Destiny, which he owns and coaches with his wife Bea Paxson (recently added to the Paintball Legends Series). Bea is also a member of the team through which they both share their passion for paintball.

Being a professional paintball player (6th season as backplayer for one of the world’s best professional paintball teams, the Los Angeles Ironmen) is not enough to become a paintball legend. You need to demonstrate dedication, heart and passion for the sport we love. Paxson exemplifies this by exposing paintball to a wider audience, combine that with the support he provides through various charity events, and you’ve got yourself a legend that will have people remembering and looking up to him for years to come.

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