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First of all I just want to give a huge thank you to all of our sponsors at HK ARMY, MacDev, Guerrilla Air, Social Paintball, and Paintball Photography for supplying San Francisco EXPLICIT with the necessary tools we need to accomplish all of our goals on and off the paintball field as we prepare for each competition. Without all of you none of this would be possible, and we are all extremely grateful for the solid foundation you have allowed us to stand on with your gear and support. I also want to give the utmost gratitude and thanks to the Montiero family for bringing this amazing group of guys together, and to Rob in particular for being the best leader a team could ask for. We all know how crazy things can get when it comes down to running a professional paintball team and we couldn’t ask for a better leader than Rob Montiero.

The 2012 NPPL Chicago Open was an amazing event for the sport of paintball with the tournament and recreational play coming together as one. It is so great to see a professionally run league bring the community together and bridge the gap of the various formats of paintball so that we can appreciate all different styles of play. It was a great event for paintball, the NPPL, and it was a great step in the right direction for all of us on Explicit. Chicago was definitely SF EXPLICITS first big step in a metamorphosis of growth that all of us on the team are working extremely hard to accomplish throughout the season.

We are a new organization with an unprecedented amount of heart and ambition and are hungry for a competitive paintball Championship. It all comes down to execution, timing, and a lot of hard work and that is what you can expect to see from Explicit week in and week out until we are able to reach our goals together as one team, one heart, one mind, ONE FAMILY. Chicago left a great impression on myself and all of my teammates when the chips had finally fallen and the sun set on Sunday because it showed all of us that when we stay in the moment and we fight with all of our heart as one unit we can accomplish anything together. I’m very excited for the future of this team and I’m so proud of all of my brothers for the dedication, hard work, sacrifice, and faith that we all have in this process to be the best.

The new layout for the next NPPL event in Washington, DC should be out any day now so be sure to stay tuned to and San Francisco
Explicit for the latest news in paintball and our team. Thank you to all of the people who are supporting San Francisco EXPLICIT and thank you to every single person out there who plays paintball and is helping in the growth of this life changing sport. I know it changed my life from the second I picked up a paintball marker over ten years ago and I thank God everyday for the miracle of the people and the technology that brings us all together.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you to for everything you are doing for the sport. SHARE PAINTBALL WITH EVERYONE!

Spread your wings, follow your dreams, and everything will be so supreme.

– Tyler Harmon