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We sat down for an interview with Chuck Hendsch of the NPPL today at their Chicago Open being held in conjunction with Living Legends 5 at CPX Sports in Joliet, IL.

We had some questions we wanted answered, the NPPL provided them.

Chuck Hendsch

Chuck Hendsch

1. What is the “State of the NPPL.” How do you think your season is doing so far, and where do you think you can improve?
2. How do you think the new format is going? Why the switch to Race2 when the NPPL has stood for 7 man for so long? Is the era of 7 man coming to a close?
3. This year, with the new Virtue chips, some statistics were supposed to be introduced. Where are they? Have they proven to be valuable?
4. On that note, has the new hardware resulted in any penalties this year? Or is the jury still out?
5. While the NPPL name may be a pillar in paintball, this formation of the league is relatively new: how do you think you’re doing so far?
6. Paint us a picture of where you see paintball in 5 years, and how do you see the NPPL in that picture?
7. What about a more immediate picture? What’s on the docket for next season? Any fun — or big — changes?
8. I’m on the fence to go to the next event, pitch it to me!
9. Any shout outs?

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