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Reports are coming in from various sporting websites that professional basketball player and San Antonio Spurs star, Tim Duncan is a bit of a paintball player! An article that will run in the newest edition of Sports Illustrated by Chris Ballard mentions this story:

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan

“O.K., it’s a toss-up as to how this will make you feel about Duncan: Did he once invite a bunch of teammates to a paintball course even though most had never played paintball? Perhaps. Did Duncan then stack his team with ringers and bring his own high-powered paintball gun? Maybe. Did he give certain players such as Danny Ferry guns that, according to Ferry, were bent and shot six feet to the left every time”? There’s a chance. And did Duncan then take great delight in hunting down his teammates, chasing the pale, balding, shorts-wearing Ferry until he was in close range, at which point Duncan unleashed a hail of water-soluble hellfire upon the man? It’s possible.”

Check out the rest of the story that will appear in the May 21 issue of Sports Illustrated. Also, good luck to Mr. Duncan as the Spurs take on the Los Angeles Clippers on May 17 in San Antonio. The entire paintball world will be rooting for you!

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