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Do you want a mil-sim marker that can use either a magazine feed system or a traditional hopper? Now Spyder has a low cost marker that maybe what your looking for. The MRX featured in this short video uses .68 caliber paintballs and uses a dual loading system. To compete with several more expensive choices for a magazine fed marker, Kingman has introduced this lower cost option. Its realistic styling and magazine feed system will definitely appeal to some buyers and the versatility of a traditional hopper makes it a very flexible platform.

Spyder Paintball presents “The Hunt”, a short film showcasing the Spyder MRX™ and MRX™ Elite .68 Caliber paintball markers. The Spyder MRX™ features the brand new “DLS” Dual Loading System for paintballs. This unique patent pending system enables you to interchange your loading system with a quick turn of the barrel; allowing the user to switch between a traditional upper load feed system and all new 10-round lower magazine feed system during play. MRX™ Accessories that come stock with the marker include the: Detachable Fore Grip, Feed Neck Cover Plate, Sight Rail Mount, Dual Color Red/Green Dot Sight, additional 10-Round MRX™ Magazine, Laser Pointer, 18″ Sniper Barrel, and Adjustable Car Stock. The extensive list of included MRX™ Accessories delivers a realistic military look allowing the player to experience a true Mil-Sim feel making it a must-have marker for scenario paintball players.