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The first event of the Millennium Series, the French Riviera Cup, is now officially over. There were some surprises and some, well, non-surprising match outcomes.

In the quarterfinals, Art Chaos Moscow defeated Ramstein Intstinct (5-0) to end their tournament hopes. San Diego Dynasty was able to eliminate Breakout Spa (5-2). Toulouse Tontons beat GI Sportz Montreal (Tampa Bay Damage) (5-2). In my opinion, the big surprise was that Paris Camp Carnage beat London Nexus (5-3) and continued on.

In the semifinals, San Diego Dynasty ended Paris Camp Carnages run to first (5-1) and Art Chaos defeated the Tontons (5-1). This set the finals up with Art Chaos and Dynasty playing each other for first and second, as had been the case many times before. Dynasty and Art Chaos are definitely not strangers to the Finals. Paris Camp Carnage and Tontons would play for third and fourth.

Toulouse Tontons and and Paris Camp Carnage slugged it out for third and fourth with Tontons winning third place in the tournament (5-4). Art Chaos Moscow was able to defeat Dynasty in a pretty deciding manor (5-1) to win the tournament, which put Dynasty in second place.

CPL Results:

1. Art Chaos Moscow
2. San Diego Dynasty
3. Toulouse Tontons
4. Paris Camp Carnage
5. London Nexus
6. Breakout Spa
7. GI Sportz Montreal (Tampa Bay Damage)
8. Ramstein Instinct
9. Marseille Icon
10. Birmingham Disruption
11. Copenhagen Ducks
12. Outrage Valence
13. Frankfurt Syndicate
14. Lisbon Benfica
15. Ranger Warsaw
16. Amsterdam Heat

SPL Results

1. Vision Marseille
2. Dogs D Amour Thessaloniki
3. Hulk Kiev

We would like to give a special shout out to all of the Social Paintball teams at the event, which include Art Chaos Moscow, Tampa Bay Damage, Toulouse Tontons, Marseille ICON, Copenhagen Ducks, Frankfurt Syndicate, and Dogs D’ Amour Thessaloniki.

Photo courtesy Steve Rabackoff/GI Sportz.