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Come Join Our New Team at Living Legends 5, MAY 18-20 @ CPXSports, Joliet, IL

We have a new small team we’ve formed for this event. It’s just a few guys looking to have fun and play hard to win. There are only four of us so far, each flying in from different parts of the country to play. We played this event last year and will be able to help new players.

We want to give a shout out to Hustle Paintball for sponsoring the new Social Paintball Scenario team for Living Legends this year and give you the scoop on something we’ll be announcing in an upcoming video.

If you are new and don’t want to go it alone, register with us. Or maybe you would like to play on our new team at the event?  Either way, register with our team and you get a free Social Paintball patch (pictured above, velcro back, while Justin’s personal supply of patches lasts). If you already registered (especially for the other side) you can always call CPX and switch to our unit…just saying. 😉 We’ll be making videos that you can be a part of as we kick-butt out there!

To Play On Our Unit:

1. Pick the “Vandals” under the Horde Units. Then enter “Social Paintball” in the team name. Visit the CPX Sports Registration page to sign up: Register Now, Click Here.

2. Then leave a comment below with your name letting us know you signed up, so that we can designate your patch.

Even if you hate us, you get a chance to shoot us at this event, so…

Living Legends is a national paintball event hosted by the world-famous CPX Sports. The concept is to honor those who helped create the sport of paintball and those who have shaped it throughout it’s history. The weekend long event is anchored by a 2-day scenario event produced by Viper which gives enthusiasts the unique opportunity to play alongside the living legends of paintball in what is widely regarded as the must attend event of the year.

To learn more about LLV, visit: