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The Millennium Series held the CPL draw for the upcoming event in France. The draw decides how the brackets will be set up. We’ve received word from Tampa Bay Damage that they will be playing as GI Sportz Montreal, which will be in the same group as San Diego Dynasty. According to Damage, they are trying to work out a name change with Millennium that is pending. We wish all of the teams best of luck!

Group A:
Art Chaos Moscow
London Nexus
Copenhagen Ducks
Ranger Warsaw

Group B:
San Diego Dynasty
Frankfurt Syndicate
GI Sportz Montreal (Tampa Bay Damage)
Lisbon Benfica

Group C:
Toulouse Tontons
Breakout Spa
Amsterdam Heat
Birmingham Disruption

Group D:
Marseille Icon
Outrage Valence
Ramstein Instinct
Paris Camp Carnage

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