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HydroTec engineers are still at the grinding wheel testing what appears to be a high quality thick fill paintball that of course will come in different grades and at different price ranges. They recently uploaded a new video on YouTube showing some shots to some poor saps body to “test” the product. I think it was more just for fun. All joking aside, this is a product we all want to test out.

As you can see in the video, the blue HydroTec paintball is much thicker than the orange filled ball they used in the comparison. The blue HydroTec round is a field grade ball which means that it will be very cost effective, the orange balls are gelatin based tournament paint. With consistency both rounds hit their intended spots but the HydroTec round shows a much thicker fill which will mark better and be less likely wiped off either intentionally or unintentionally during slides.

Judge for yourself, see the video below: