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For Immediate Release – Paintball Sports Promotions is changing the face of Competitive Paintball

Paintball Sports Promotions is pleased to announce some exciting changes for the 2012 season. PSP has a solid history of advancing paintball and setting new standards for the way our sport is promoted, perceived, and played. With player and team assistance, we have pushed the format of the game forward to bring our fans the most exciting action and the most memorable rivalries. The PSP Webcast continues to set new standards for the way our sport should be presented to the public and allows us to document the evolution of paintball, as it happens and in real time. Over the years, Paintball Sports Promotions has been presented with opportunities to help foster dramatic change with both the direction and perception of our sport.

This year, Paintball Sports Promotions is excited to announce that in addition to our premier format, exceptional referees, and unrivaled Webcast we will be the first National Series to document all Pro Player/Team statistics during the full 2012 season.

As Pro Players/Teams, you will notice new faces, new equipment, and new requirements to ensure that all of your efforts on the field translate to proper data collection and recognition. We want to make sure that every Pro player receives the opportunity to showcase their individual dedication to this sport and their commitment to their team. With these new statistical data elements, we are moving away from the subjective and toward new and necessary objective measures of skill and talent. Who really and truly are the best players in the sport? We are about to find out.

Pro Team Owners/Coaches/Captains:
One of the first things your players will notice during Pro registration is the new requirement to identify their style of play as either ‘Back’, ‘Mid’, or ‘Front’. We are asking that each team owner/coach/captain work with your team members to help them define themselves at a team level. Each Pro team will be asked to meet a Minimum Roster Requirement of 1 Back player, 2 Mid players, and 2 Front players. Please make sure your players understand that their position designation will not change during the 2012 season, and will be used to compare their performance to all other players within their position designation.

In addition to the minor registration changes, all of you should have seen the 2012 PSP Jersey / Loader requirements. These new requirements are designed to assist our staff during the collection of on-field performance data. Please work with your players to help them understand the importance of individual statistics not only for your team, but also for the sport as whole. Cumulated team/player statistics have become vitally indispensable in the management and entertainment aspect of other sports. With your cooperation the PSP 2012 Pro Season statistics will add value to almost every paintball related conversation, from Internet fan debates, to contract discussions surrounding sponsorship.

If for any reason a Pro player misplaces their jersey prior to their match, the PSP will have standard blank jerseys available for the player. If wearing a blank jersey is a violation of any sponsorship agreements please make sure your team makes all appropriate accommodations to ensure every player is in uniform.

Paintball Sports Promotions understands that the collection and distribution of Player/Team statistics will be the next evolution to legitimize the Professional aspect of our sport. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation to help us achieve what we believe to be a monumental shift in the historic timeline of paintball.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me via

Cade Coleman
Commissioner / Statistics Manager