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GRIP Paintball Magazine

GRIP Cover, Issue # 0

The most recent addition to the paintball media market has hit the stands, so to speak. Grip Magazine is a new European paintball magazine. With stunning photography, news, reviews and in depth articles you can expect your blood to pump as you read through the pages. And best of all it is free for you.

André Garrido, Director of the new European paintball magazine titled GRIP, sent me over their first English issue. The magazine will be published in Portuguese, but they made an exception for English reading paintball fans.

After a year of great success with PhotoPaintball we decided to take a big step and create an European dedicated paintball magazine with high quality for players from players. There is nothing like that in the market up until this moment! – André Garrido

André has assured me that GRIP will be releasing four English issues this year, one for each Millennium Series event.

Read through the digital flip magazine below to see what is happening over seas and keep up to date with the happenings of our sport across the pond.

For more, visit the GRIP website at: