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The PSP just announced changes to its rules. Read below for the changes.

Pro Players on Division 2 Rosters
As in 2011, RaceTo-4 and RaceTo-5 teams may have two players from one class higher than the division the team is competing in, and may borrow points from one of the two spots to allow a player from two classes higher to play in the other spot. However, in 2011, Pro players were prohibited from competing on Division 2 rosters even if their point total alone would have been low enough to allow them to do so. For the 2012 season, this restriction is eliminated and Pro players may compete on Division 2 rosters if enough points can be borrowed from the second higher-class spot on the teams roster. Note that the most points any single player on a D2 roster may have is 5904, in the case that the D2 team does not have any D1 players on their roster at all.

RaceTo Tiebreaker Harmonization
PSP will be harmonizing the tiebreakers for RaceTo-2 and RaceTo-4, RaceTo-5 and RaceTo-7 for 2012.

For all divisions, teams will continue to first be ranked by number of matches won. In the event of a tie in a non-head-to-head round, ties will be broken, in order, by:

  • Head-to-Head competition amongst the tied teams
  • Margin of Victory in all matches in the current round (number of points scored minus number of points given up)
  • Total Points Scored in all matches in the current round
  • Greatest time remaining in Games/Matches Won (Total of time remaining in each game won in RaceTo-2, and each match won in RaceTo-4/5/7)
  • Least time remaining in Games/Matches Lost (Total of time elapsed in each game lost in RaceTo-2, and each match lost in RaceTo-4/5/7)
  • Place in Previous Rounds, most recent round first
  • Seed into the Tournament

As in 2011, as soon as any team wins or loses a tiebreaker, tiebreakers will be applied to the remaining tied teams starting over with the Head-to-Head tiebreaker.

Teams eliminated in the same head-to-head round will continue to be ranked according to their place in the most recent non-head-to-head round.

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