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Konstantin Fedorov - Houston Heat

With what seems like a mass exodus of pro players going from one team to another this off-season, we here at Social Paintball thought we should get the story direct from one of these players. We spoke with Konstantin Fedorov, formerly of the Russian Legion, about his sudden move to the newly formed Houston Heat Pro team.

SocialPB: Why did you decide to make a move to a brand new team, the Houston Heat?

Konstantin: Sometimes in life we need to make a big step in another direction. I played with the Russian Legion for 8 years and I just wanted more. I see this opportunity to become more in the long run.

SocialPb: Can you describe the tryout process and how long it was?

Konstantin: Try outs are try outs, it is better to ask Randy Smith. 🙂

SocialPb: What would you like to tell your fans?

Konstantin: I just want to say to the fans to keep supporting me and the new team. We will be bringing the game to a new level for you all this season.

SocialPb: What league(s) will Houston Heat play this season?

Konstantin: Heat will be playing the PSP Pro Division for the upcoming season.

SocialPb: What sponsors does Heat have so far?

Konstantin: GI, Style Supply, Luxe, Social Paintball and so far.

SocialPb: With the team being spread out all over the country how will practices be held?

Konstantin: We just had our first practice together and it seems like a really good squad. I just want to enjoy the team and I know we will get better and better as a unit over time.

SocialPb: Did this move to Houston Heat cause any animosity between you and your former team, the Russian Legion?

Konstantin: I do not want to say anything about it but yes it did. Houston has a future.

As you can see he is a man of few words, a direct to the point kind of person. His skill on the field makes up for his lack of verbiage during an interview. We wish Konstantin all the luck in the world in his new endeavors as well as the rest of the Heat franchise. This is going to be an interesting year for paintball. You can follow the teams developments here on Social Paintball and via their Facebook Page: