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As of today January 17, 2012 Konstantin Fedorov has officially left Russian Legion. His official decision came today to HyBrid Foto, with this to say:

“Yes guys, now it’s not rumors – this is true … I am leaving Russian Legion.  I would love to say to my team (coaches, players and owner of RL Sergey Leontiev) for supporting all my career in Boston RL big thank you … they gave me a huge experience in my life, they taught me how to be the best, they gave me a lot of fun, a lot of wins… it’s really hard to leave my team my family… But I hope young players take my spot and join the team in PSP to make a big step and take those hopes in real… I cannot say anything bad because my life was perfect with RL, sometimes we need to change our life for the next big step and I’m doing this right now! It’s not over, the battle is just beginning.  But for the future, I’m staying in paintball with Art Chaos and will be supporting them in Europe…I’m going to find more wins and more things in paintball… I hope my fans understand and support me.”

Konstantin Fedorov