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Ching Pei, Former Operations Manager at Hustle Paintball

We’ve just confirmed that Ching Pei, Operations Manager, and Hustle Paintball have parted ways effective immediately.

The reason being a “difference of a opinion.” Whether or not she will remain in the paintball industry is yet to be determined. If not, we will lose another great person in paintball. Hopefully she will remain a fixture in paintball. Let’s hope that another paintball company snags her up ASAP.

Pei had this to say:

“After several great years at Hustle Paintball, I’m sad to announce my resignation as their Operations Manager. I wish Hustle all the best and will miss working with an amazing team.” – Ching Pei

Here is an official statement from Hustle Paintball:

“Hustle Paintball is sad to announce that Ching is leaving the Hustle family to move on to other ventures! We will definitely miss her knowledge, inspiration and bright personality – best of luck, Ching!”

Photo courtesy Hustle Paintball’s Facebook page.