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Welcome to the first installment of Viper’s Snake pit. I’m very excited to be asked to write for Social Paintball. I hope after you read my amateur attempts at paintball media you will come away informed and entertained. I am just going to have some fun and write about topics near and dear to me.

For starters let me give you my opinions on the heartbeat of paintball: the industry. You might have thought I would have said the players. I say industry because that is what keeps us supplied with new products, fields, and technology that allow us to play this great sport. With the upcoming growth I expect to see next year, I am sitting on the edge of my seat as I see the new products pop up and new fields open. The industry is making some exciting changes in 2012. Changes mean growth. Growth means more players and larger games.

Kerry "Viper" Rosenberry, Viper Paintball

That’s right folks, paintball is alive and well. Viper Paintball is stronger than ever with exciting new sponsors, events, and fields. We especially look forward to working with Tippmann Sports again this year. Tippmann Sports has been the backbone of many teams, many scenario events, and much paintball excitement for more years than I can remember. We are also excited about working with some of our newer sponsors like EZ Creation, Sports Smoke, Designer Paintball, Hitman Gear and many others. We are welcoming new venues likes GRC Paintball in western New York. I am happy to be at my personal favorite old/new field, TXR Paintball in Houston Texas again this year. TXR Paintball will be the home of my annual Texas Revolution and Twilight Zone events. If you’re a Monty Python fan please consider this your personal invitation to this year’s T Rev event; Viper’s “Quest for the Grail,” the most silliness and fun you will ever have at a scenario, just ask the French!

I personally want to give you a heads-up about LL5. This year’s CPX Sports Living Legends game will be the biggest and best yet. CPX Sports is growing bigger and better than ever. Sean Scott and I, along with the LL crew, are in the process of planning the most entertaining and intense Living Legends event to date. With the success of last year’s event changes we are concentrating on tweaking it to make it even better. We have made note of lots of positive suggestions from veteran LL attendees and, with their input, we are sure that this year’s event will be over the top!

To wrap things up and get you psyched about scenario paintball in 2012. I hope you enjoyed my first installment of Viper’s Snake Pit. Stay tuned for next article, next month. I’ll give you a product review and share some of my secrets on scenario tricks and tactics.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

See ya on the field.