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Chris "Alty" Alt

I would like to welcome you to the first Northeast player profile. I am Richard Greenaway Co-Founder of Paintballers 4 Autism and Northeast Correspondent for Social Paintball. I am going to be giving the 411 on what is going on in the Northeast for Events, player profiles and other shenanigans that is paintball in the Northeast.

Our first player profile is on someone who I think is one of the most underrated snake players in the Northeast. He is a very talented snake player and can change the outcome of a match in one move. I have seen him take a average team and make them into a podium team in one event. I am talking about Chris “Alty” Alt.

I had the chance to speak with Chris and ask him some questions…

Player Profile:
Name: Chris Alt
Age: 26
Years Playing: 12
Current/Last Season Team: New England Lobsters (NEXL/PSP)
Past Teams: Boston Bloodline, Somerville Crisis, NE7
Leagues Played In: NEPL, NEXL, FOX 4 paintball (Upton, MA), NPPL, PSP, AXBL
Current Marker Set Up: PB4A Ego 11, Rotor with high capacity shell, Furious Barrel, Ninja 45/4500 tank
Position: snake/front

RG: What got you into paintball?

CA: Heard about it from a few kids at school, sounded fun. So I went out and bought a gun and started playing everything weekend at a friend’s house with a group of 8 or so. We had a blast running around the woods and I learned about speedball fell in love with the tactical though process aspect and the fast smart playing style.

RG: Why else do you play?

CA: It definitely helps keep me in shape, all of the running, diving, and stretching needed to play really keeps me motivated. Also a good stress reliever for me.

RG: Goals?

CA: My goals are pretty simple, I would like to bring paintball to as many younger kids as I can, and show parents the positive aspects of the sport. Teamwork, fitness, dedication and get them away from thinking military.

RG: Player that inspires you?

CA: Greg Siewers – Great local guy who enjoys playing. Was always nice to everyone and just fun to be around.

RG: Do you have any sponsors?

CA: I would like to thank Boston Paintball for their many years of support as well as Planet Eclipse.

RG: What you do outside of paintball?

CA: I work as a paramedic in Massachusetts where I live and have two young children, a seven year old girl and a six year old boy. Hoping to have them start playing in a few years.

RG: First Paintball gun?

CA: Mechanical Piranha.

RG: First Tournament you played in?

CA: The first event I played in was at Fox 4 paintball in Upton, Massachusetts in 2006. Was a Five man novice event and we placed second I believe.

Chris I want to thank you for your time. We want to wish you luck in 2012 and hope to have great things to report about you and your team in 2012.