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First I’m going to make a prediction on the pro level. I like Portland Uprising to do work at the DC NPPL.

They Finished Last at Huntington Beach, Instead of giving up or just keep on doing the same things, they recognized changes must be made. The big post on there webpage almost day after was “we are going to practice 4 times a week and hit the gym 5 times a week and make this happen, we are committed.”

Knowing Paintball Players, I was like, yeah right… it’s easy to say that after a big loss but to get everyone to do it is tough. You feel how bad it sucks right after the loss but then life takes over.

Then NPPL Chicago rolled around… Holy crap, Portland breakouts were tight and fast. No sloppy play the whole day. It looked like a different team they pushed up the field faster and harder and just owned most points…

My pick to really do work at the NPPL DC Is Portland Uprising Currently Ranked 10th in The NPPL Pro Division.