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Social Paintball Ambassador Program

Social Paintball Ambassador Program

Want to be a member of Social Paintball’s Ambassador Program? Listen up! Fill out this form, submit it, and see if you’ve got what it takes to become part of a select group of paintballers who are responsible for promoting Social Paintball and growing paintball in your area. Candidates must not have a fear of stickers, banners, and free schwag. Please note, this is for individual Ambassador Program members only, not teams.



What paintball fields are in your area (name and location of both indoor and outdoor fields)?*

What's your favorite style of paintball?*

How long have you been playing paintball?*

What would you do to promote paintball in your area?*

What paintball events have you participated in (both competition and non-competition are encouraged)?*

Why do you think you should be selected as part of Social Paintball's Street Team (this is the big question that will more than likely determine if you're in or out)?*

How do you think you can best help promote paintball in your area?*