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Here is the official video for the 2018 Vintage Paintball BIG Game held at Vintage Paintball Park, N8645 1160th, River Falls, WI 54022.

The year is 1917, the Central Axis Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire are engaged in an on-going war with the Allies of Great Britain and France. Military tactics developed before World War 1 have failed to keep pace with technology and have become obsolete. Both sides have dug massive trenches across the Western Front of France, machine gun fire has made crossing open ground near certain death.

Following repeated attacks by German U-Boats on United States passenger vessels, Captain Nick Megard is forced to bring America into the war. Drafting a total of 2.8 million men, the United States is sending 10,000 fresh soldiers a day to the trenches on the Western Front of France.

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