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Zero Hour: Insurrection was The LARGEST Magfed Only Paintball Event EVER. Over 500 players came together to battle it out in the hills of New York. With teams from all over the country, the weekend was filled with lots of action, general OAF goodness, too much smoke, and many great times with the fellow WING DINGS!

Max Hontz Photography, MagfedSociety:

Thank you to the game organizers at Magfed Uprising and the staff of Capital Combat Zone for a PRIME weekend. By far, the best ZH yet!
Both FORGED (red) and RCC (blue) put in WORK as they battled it out for BRAGGING RIGHTS for 2017. Led by Anthony Villa and Christopher Seth Horne, respectively, EACH GENERAL fought hard and led their troops. Backed up by Jeff Lobo Chudnofsky and Antonio Falcon, the weekend was a MOVIE.

BIG UPS to all the teams who came took part in HISTORY: Dead Man’s Hand Paintball Team, ODSC, ODIL, Odyssey Paintball, Nomad Paintball Team, GHOST CREW, Bad Batch Paintball, Assassin Alliance, Team Ghost Company, Spectre Magfed, Liberty Warlords Paintball Team, NightStalkers MagFed Unit, DFS paintball team, SAS WOODSBALL, ODAZ, ODNC, Whiskey Squad Paintball, and MANY MORE.

“All Gone” (Aftermath)- The Last of Us, “Alamo”- Boombox Cartel