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After learning that Alex Goldman was joining LA Infamous this past week, we decided to reach out and pick his brain on a few paintball, and non paintball, happenings. As you will learn, the man that goes by the nickname “Mouse,” is a man of few words. We had some fun with this one. Enjoy!

Why did you leave the Ironmen?

Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury to just be able to play paintball for fun. I need to make some type of money with it in order to continue playing.

Why Infamous?

Why not? Highly competitive team and I have history with a lot of the players on the squad with previous teams.

Fair enough. What’s your training regimen like?
Lifting heavy ass weight.

A little birdie told me you can dunk. Can you really dunk?
Yes, if a trampoline is available.

Ha. Is it true Dan Holliday beat you in a foot race?
I don’t recall.

We’ll need to check in Dallas then. If you could pick any five players from any team to make your “dream team,” who would they be?

Sean Mcdonald, Steven Pitts, Marcus Nielsen, Jerry Desvarieux. You don’t even need 5 with those 4.

Nice! Was Dynasty an option to return to?
I had a brief conversation with Greenspan in the offseason but never actually talked numbers on a deal or anything like that.


What’s going on with Dye and the Ironmen?
I’ve heard rumors about the company but I don’t have any information if the rumors are true or not. As far as the Ironmen, that’s a legendary franchise kind of like the Lakers of paintball. I think the name will always be around.

So, why did ARod leave the Ironmen?
Maybe he can answer that one on his interview.

Touché. What do you think of the new PSP pro changes?
I don’t mind the no coaching and the layout being revealed the day before the tournament but I am a little skeptical with the new true semi bps rule.

Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?
Unfortunately not playing paintball.

That’s the nature of the beast I suppose. Where do you see professional paintball heading?
It’s hard to say since paintball in general goes through so many ups and downs.

Inquiring minds need to know…do you get paid to play pro?
Barely! P.O.P holding it down.

Throw back time…what was your first paintball experience?
A friend’s Birthday. Didn’t shoot a single person but I had the time of my life!

Ahhh, flashbacks. Last question. Favorite marker you have ever shot?
WGP Autococker with hinge trigger.

There you have it folks. The man, the myth, the legend! Thanks again for taking the time for this interview Alex. Good luck with Infamous this season!

Photos courtesy of Alex Goldman.