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Social Paintball is currently in the middle of a huge content dump on our wildly popular YouTube Channel. In the last month we’ve dumped over 20 videos, which means that if you haven’t been paying very close attention, you’ve probably missed one or two of our fantastic, free, paintball videos. Because of this, we decided to help you all – here are the best paintball videos on the web, from the last week.

Real Talk with Joey Blute
We ran into Joey the day after the PSP announced that the professional division would be moving back to 10.2 balls per second. Here are his thoughts…

WCPPL Event 4, Las Vegas
We were there. It was epic. See what our eyes caught.

2013 Paintball World Cup Asia
Social Paintball Germany was on the scene and has given us our second World Cup Asia video of the year!

Capital Edge Paintball Park 6th Annual Anniversary Fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Just an epic day of paintball, all for a great cause.

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