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A few months ago I came across a gentleman by the name of Frank Krajenka. He had posted about some paintball art he made for his son. At that time it was a pencil drawing. Over time we became friends and I wanted to feature his work on Social Paintball so that the rest of the world could see the amazing paintball art he was creating.

Well, I finally got off my butt and am showing just a glimpse of what Frank can do. Along with Frank’s amazing works, I plan on featuring other paintball art and paintings that I’ve come across. Some lucky folks that have been to the Social Pb headquarters know exactly what I’m referring to.

For now, here is a time lapse of a paintball painting Frank did of professional paintball player Timmy Propst of Tampa Bay Damage.

You can contact Frank about his paintings and for custom work here:

Expect more featured paintball art by Frank Krajenka and others very soon.